About Us

Our story is written by our passion to serve people through Social Media. We create our content with that in mind - does it serve the viewer. Our content is here to inspire, inform, and provide our voice and opinion on various subjects and products, may it be on marketing, fashion, beauty, and/or technology.

Not only do we create content, we also market ideas and products to our viewers that we are passionate about.  Having to create content and deal with many brands and marketing agencies we found our selves consulting many brands and marketing agencies on the right way of approaching and marketing to the viewers.

There are many misconception and fundamental errors that are made by brands and marketing firms when marketing in this explosive era of social media. Viewers understand and see through campaign that push content creators too become sell-outs and brands that are not sincere. 

We are very active in helping great brands market themselves properly by helping them manage their social media campaigns and/or by helping them create content and promote them through our own Social Media Channels. 

We find our selves in a very unique situation, understanding what viewers want and understanding how marketers and brands need to approach viewers. 


- Milabu Team