CONSULTATION - Social Media Marketing

Milabu Co. is in ideal situation to provide proper consultation regarding effective marketing strategy. We are content creators, who understand the strategy fundamentals behind content creation for the viewers. We have over 1.5 million subscribers on our channels and have working knowledge of each social platform and their differences. Email us or give us a call if you would like to use our consultation services.



We do not just provide creative services, we sharpen our skills as we continuously create new content on our social channels. Content creators have a different level of understanding as to what makes content effective, over the traditional social media marketers. 



Being content creators we have comprehensive understanding of what it takes to build effective social media strategy. We do not have to rely on education to help us understand what tactics will and will not work, we are on the front lines of social media culture and ever changing algorythms. Even though, a good strategy starts with understanding the fundamental idea behind social media influence (unfortunately 90% of advertisers do not seem to understand it or take it seriously). We offer consultation to help brands understand the fundamentals before getting to social media management, which we offer as a service.



Without communication brand awareness is non existent. Yet, communication can damage or elevate brand's relations. Having deep understand of the social media culture is important. It is imperative to understand that viewers act differently on social media vs in person. This is another element only the content creators can understand fully because they are always communicating and building those relation with the viewers. We are here to help brands with the media communication and relations to make sure the right type brand awareness is built. Please understand, many brands have being deeply hurt because of the lack of understanding while trying to communicate through Social Media. (Many more will be hurt or will fall behind, due to the changing atmosphere of social media culture.)



Being Influencers our selves, we understand influencers. We understand what they are looking for and their capabilities and limitations. This places us in a great position to build the right type of relations with the right type of influencers. We also understand that much can be done without influencers, even though they have a lot of influence over their audience. We understand the lessons that can be taken from the great success of influencers.


AUDIENCE RESEARCH and Case studies

We understand that knowing your audience is very important before building marketing strategy. We provide case studies services to help understand your audience/customers and provide valuable insights. 



We have to be creative with our content creation and understand how much work goes into creativity. Having proper tools to take the creative vision and produce a media project is essential. We have in-house capacity to do everything from scripting, to production, to post production, including a full in-house studio.